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Possible World: Content Focus: SDGs, IDGs and MindSet - ‘Live’ Event with Online Game!

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Event description

Discover Possible World

Played around the world by Business Leaders; Institutions; Universities; Change-Makers; HR Practioners; Organisational Trainers; Educators; Peer to Peer Facilitators and more!

Welcome to this exciting F2F gathering set around the globally celebrated Japanese  'Possible World' online, multiplayer, collaborative gamification process, inspired by the in-person 2030 SDGs Game, that simulates taking the ‘real world’ into the future. 

It’s an exceptionally innovative, unique and highly collaborative approach to problem-solving real-world issues. Anyone can play. In fact, the greater the diversity of game participants, the more representative of society the game-play becomes. And every game is different, even when played by the same participants over time!

Why is ‘Serious Gamification' So Gooood?

Academic research identifies 'serious games' as one of the most effective tools for transitioning people from 'work' mode to 'learning' mode in ways that foster and reward curiosity, collaboration and innovation; unlocking the deeper potential driving our decision-making, actions and collaborative capacities.

In Japan, the ‘aha’ moment of 'insight', that precedes a shift in mindset, is called 'kizuki'. 'Possible World' is a high level, mindset-shifting 'serious game' that can be used to predictably deliver 'kizuki' during game-play; as well as support growth-mindset development, over time, around any subject-matter, in any project, in any setting!

Sessions can be provided either on-line or in hybrid mode. Depending on numbers, players can participate individually... or as a team. Our session at Griffith Innovation Centre will be delivered in hybrid mode where participants gather in-person but join the game together with their own laptop computers. 

Possible World: Hybrid-mode

What Happens in Possible World

Firstly, you are in for huge treat with the host of this session, Aya Matsuyama PhD! 

Aya led the global expansion bringing the in-person 2030 SDGs Game to over 300,000 people world-wide. Inspired by the in-person game, Aya adapted the in-person game, during Covid, to design, develop and platform the subject-matter flexibility that's built into the ‘Possible World’ experience.

This not-to-be-missed session is your opportunity to benefit from Aya's high level of experience, mastery of the gamification process and the many contexts she has employed ‘Possible World’ as a powerful tool of transformation for leaders and change-makers across all fields, continents and applications. 

The game session essentials are:

  • This session will run for about 3 hours; including instructions, playing time, reflection and breaks. 
  • Laptop computers are required for the game-session (please note: tablets or mobile phones CANNOT be used for the game-session).
  • You will need either Chrome or Edge browsers installed.
  • Hotspot connection with your mobile phone may also be required should the wifi at the venue be interrupted for any reason.

What Participants Say About Possible World

"It gave me a chance to see new possibilities of change in the world, starting from myself. It was simultaneously fun and profound!"

"We are possibilities, I am a possibility. Excited to be standing at the doorway to a new world."

"It's like they say, ’enlightenment cannot be expressed in words...' . Something new and amazing is growing inside me that I can't yet articulate."

Through their own discovery, players finish the game feeling excited, connected and ready to take their next level of action!

                                                             DON’T MISS OUT! BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW!

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