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Sanctuary of Breath

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Sanctuary of Breath 

~ a trauma informed space ~

An afternoon of ceremony, intention, movement, breathwork, connection to self & others and art processing.

You have found yourself here because you are interested in self-development, you are experiencing some blockages or resistance to life, you feel like you’re in a loop- same job, relationships that aren’t working out, you feel like you’re expanding your awareness but don’t feel like the people around you understand. You feel fearful of trying new things, putting yourself out there and connecting deeply with others. You find it difficult and awkward expressing yourself, your truth, and your needs. You want to connect more deeply with your children, your wife, your husband, your parents, your family but don’t know how. You feel like you’re holding on to resentment, guilt, anger and have no way to safely express these emotions and feel like this is holding you back from your fullest potential. You are desiring more in your life, but you find it hard to connect with yourself and your heart to find out what it is you really want.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself here because you have experienced breathwork before, you know the benefits of it, you know how it drops your out of your mind and provides deep insights, allows you to feel emotions you have repressed and blocked due to not feeling safe to express them, brings new perspective to life and you know how inspired you feel afterwards, you know how you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, maybe a weight you’ve been carrying for 10, 20, 30 years.

What is Shamanic Breathwork?

Shamanic breathwork blends together a conscious connected breathing technique, body and energy work and powerfully attuned chakra music to guide you into states of altered consciousness and deep transformation. You can expect to be smudged upon arrival, settle into the land with some movement and grounding activities and connect with other participants. We will then go into the explanation of the breathwork, the music and how the session will run. You will have an opportunity to set an intention for your session beforehand and we will finish with some art integration where you will be invited to draw, scribble or write about your experience, this helps with grounding and coming back into the body.

It's a soul journey, a journey into the subconscious.

It is a highly effective and powerful modality for directly accessing the subconscious mind. Why do we want to access the subconscious mind? Because this is where our deep emotions, traumas, belief systems, limiting beliefs and intuition live. When we access these parts of ourselves on a deeper level we can release all that is getting in our way to meet our deepest desires and live our truest path.

During a ceremony, you are guided by El, a trained facilitator but also deeply held and supported by the elements of water, earth, fire, spirit and air. You are invited to surrender to the elemental teachings and reminder of our deep connection to this planet and one another. 

What to expect?

  • Opening & Closing of Ceremony space
  • Intention & Group exercises
  • Movement
  • Breathwork Session
  • Art Processing and integration

During a shamanic breathwork journey, we can access parts of our subconscious and activate energy in the body that has been stuck or repressed, this can result in times of emotional release which may come through loud sounds, screaming, tears, loud laughter. Coming to a session with no expectations and full acceptance of all the arises is recommended to get the most out of your experience.


There are some contraindications to participating in this work

The breathwork is not suitable for people under the age of 16, with epilepsy, chronic heart conditions, chronic asthma and some mental health imbalances including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder.

(If you require more clarification please get in contact).

It is highly recommended to keep the remainder of the evening free from too much stimulating activity or commitments.

Who is your facilitator?
El, founder of Eluminate.

El has been traversing the depths of her own heart, body and mind ever since she reached a point where she had enough, enough of the emotional outbursts, uncontrollable anger & frustration, nervous breakdowns, numbing of any hard emotion through substances, always doing something, working ridiculous hours, feeling like there was more to life than what she was experiencing. It really started when she broke her wrist and was forced to sit still and heal. During this time, she worked through childhood trauma that had been deeply repressed. Shedding layers of old patterns, belief systems, fear, anger and sadness. Breathwork and other healing modalities, particularly sitting in ceremony has profoundly changed her life and most importantly her health.

El has been working deeply with the breath since 2019, learning from two different schools and travelling around to different places of the world to experience the knowledge from different teachers. She is a trauma informed breathwork facilitator which means she has been trained in how emotional trauma impacts the body and the depth and experience with the medicine of the breath has given her the capacity that allows people to drop into the deeper places where they can meet the parts of themselves that are ready to transform and healing.

Follow the links below to find out more about El + her work:

IG & FB: @_eluminate

Click here to link to my Instagram

If you have any questions please contact El via email:

What people have said:

"I'm amazed at how the movement and music of the journey has the power to transcend words, language, trauma and lead to healing. To be able to move through the emotion and experience such joy has been unexpected and lead to profound enlightenment for me. And I'm new to this way of exploring trauma and emotion  - but the timing seems just right. I would've have believed a testimonial like this if I read it - but it's true. I am a person who saw an event on Instagram and took a chance on something so new and different."

"Thank you El, it was a beautiful experience and I feel lighter and things feel less intense in many ways than they did before internally."

"El you are fantastic at what you do, I think you achieve a great balance between facilitator and social human, you are so down to earth and helpful. Your sessions have given me so much, and I always walk away with new positive insights that stick with me. Thank you"

"An incredible small group session that was the perfect balance of connection and an individual journey guided with care. I am all the better for doing the session and can see how beneficial they will continue to be."

"The setting was beautiful - loved the fire, feeling the breeze and feeling grounded. I appreciated you sharing and explaining what to expect from the session and encouragement to let go. I particularly felt reassured when you provided guidance during the breathwork"

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