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    * Please note the DJ Only Ticket of the event is available for entry at 9pm, which does NOT include the Speakers portion of the event. 

    Join Chervin Jafarieh, Robert Edward Grant, and Dr. Pedi Mirdamadi for a discussion on life, health, geometry, purpose, expanding consciousness, encryption, data, AI, Rudolf Steiner and much more.

    This insightful and interactive discussion will lead into a night of music, elixirs and connection.


    - Doors Open
    - Speakers
    - DJs, Elixirs & Healing Lounge


    $55 - Full Ticket: Talk & DJ 
    $45 - DJ Only at 9pm Entry 

    IMPORTANT: the DJ Only Ticket of the event is available for entry at 9pm, which does NOT include the Speakers portion of the event. 


    Dive deep with founders of large and successful companies pushing the envelope on human evolution!

    Chervin Jafarieh
    - @Chervin333
    Chervin serves as the Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Cymbiotika, a renowned wellness brand. Known for his fervent dedication to questioning traditional methods, Chervin is a revered authority in the health field and a guiding figure, consistently striving to elevate the benchmarks for supplement quality within the industry. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and growth is evident in the establishment and development of Cymbiotika.

    Chervin holds a biodynamic perspective on life and a profound connection to nature. Much like nature's perpetual evolution, his approach to wellness emphasizes constant self-reflection and improvement. He believes that medicine should continue to evolve alongside scientific advancements, advocating for a holistic approach that integrates Eastern and Western Medicine, Orthomolecular medicine, Ayurveda, epigenetics, herbalism, nutrition, detoxification, and philosophy.

    In addition to his professional endeavors, Chervin enjoys spending his spare time on his family's biodynamic farm in Hawaii, where he finds inspiration and relaxation, reconnecting with nature and nurturing his deep-rooted connection to the land.

    Robert Edward Grant
    - @robertedwardgrant
    Robert is a prolific polymath who integrates mathematics, art, music, and entrepreneurship through his innovations and teachings. He has embarked on a journey to unravel the patterns of sacred geometry inherent in existence, demonstrating how mathematics can aid our evolution. Inspired by the interconnectedness of all things, Robert advocates for the development of a complete mind through the synthesis of art and science, urging us to learn how to truly see the world.

    Dr. Pedi Mirdamadi
    - @drpedinaturalhealth
    Dr. Pedi Mirdamadi is a Licensed Naturopathic & Functional Medicine Doctor as well as Founder & Medical Director of Oasis Health and Medicine in Encinitas, California. Dr. Pedi helps patients get to the root cause of their illnesses through extensive medical history acquisition, customized testing & treatment plans. He works with people are suffering from:
    ⚡️Male and female hormone imbalance ⚡️Gut health issues ⚡️Joint pain & injury ⚡️Cardiovascular disease ⚡️Neurological conditions

    Dr Pedi is passionate about educating others on the power of natural medicine and has accumulated over 1.1 million followers on social media by sharing his passion!

    Pedi Topic:
    There has been a paradigm shift in what people seeking in terms of healthcare. People want answers as to why they are experiencing what they are experiencing. Drugs and medications mostly work on symptoms without getting to the root cause of the problem. While drugs and medication are needed and can be helpful, they can have side effects as well, which are often times suppressed with more drugs, creating a vicious cycle. People are left wanting more. More about how WHY they are experiencing what they are experiencing and WHAT they can do besides taking medications to improve their health. Today we will talk about what those can be. Personalized blood testing, functional testing, gut health, inflammation, nutrition, toxins. etc.

    Headliner DJ - Jesse James Kingston
    Based in Topanga, CA, Jesse James Kingston / Nawa is a multi-instrumentalist producer, DJ and
    singer/songwriter. His journey began on the piano at age 6, which led to guitar and eventually
    singing and writing songs, leading rock and folk bands while simultaneously producing
    electronic music and eventually becoming a DJ.

    His sets draw from a deep well of global music, weaving ethnic and modern sounds into a
    musical tapestry that inspires primal movement, freedom of expression, and joy.

    His range is vast, scouring the globe from Africa to South America, the Middle East to Berlin.
    All genres are in play beyond house, don’t be surprised to hear soul, downtempo, indie dance,
    the occasional curveball classic and all in between. Additionally, 10+ years of medicine work
    infuse shamanic overtones into the experience. He opens a portal, believing the transformative
    power of music connects us in a dance ceremony.

    Constantly foraging for new sounds to move dancefloors and awaken consciousness, expect the
    unexpected, and a journey of body, mind and spirit.

    Burning Man 2023 Sets

    Vintage West African
    * * * 

    𓆃 Please Note

    No cologne or perfume allowed at this event - please bring your brains and hearts.

    Trilogy organic, gluten-free and planted-based Cafe open until 9pm for this event.

    21+ event only, all sales final. Online pre-registration is mandatory and this event is slated to sell-out quickly.  

    Hope to see you at Trilogy Sanctuary in San Diego for this amazing gathering. 

    * Please note the DJ Only Ticket of the event is available for entry at 9pm, which does NOT include the Speakers portion of the event. 

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