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Have You Secretly Dreamed About Writing Stories Or A Book?

What if it’s as simple as choosing the next step of taking your desire seriously and investing in your creativity?

Embrace a unique opportunity of this ONE TIME ONLY event in Christchurch to experience writing as an easy, enjoyable, and achievable process while receiving intensive input in a three-day in-person writing retreat with acclaimed writing tutor and author of over fifty nationally and internationally published books – Melaina Faranda. 

What You Can Expect From This Course:

Learn a variety of creative exercises designed to help you detox from digital chatter, and free you to discover your own original thinking. Expect to be creatively energised as well as nourished on many levels by connecting with other lovers of writing. You will take away a boosted word count, grab bag of fun and effective writing and self-editing tools and techniques, an individual consultation, plus a bespoke plan, process, structure, and timeline for completion of your story or book!

Suitable for all backgrounds and levels of experience, from an unwritten idea to a partly completed project - opportunities will be provided to explore and plan for your unique needs, conditions, approaches, structures, and routines, to help you get unstuck and see your writing through to completion. You’ll discover playful ways to wrangle your inner critic, work through writers’ block, and techniques to overcome procrastination. You will also learn how to self-edit your work, saving you both time and resources, and empowering you to create work closer to publication standard. This will all be done while making new writer friends and tapping into writing techniques that support you to create!

Your Facilitator:

Melaina Faranda is the author of over fifty books, published nationally and internationally, and a manuscript appraisal consultant. A passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic writing tutor, she receives rave feedback and repeat invitations to inspire and empower word loving kin through the many workshops, courses, masterclasses and retreats she delivers at writers’ centres, schools, organisations, private groups, and literature festivals.

Supplies to bring:

Whatever you best prefer to write on or with. Please make sure you have a notebook suitable for any times we will be writing outside.

Your Facilitator:

Melaina Faranda is the author of over fifty books, published nationally and internationally, and a manuscript appraisal consultant. A passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic writing tutor, she receives rave feedback and repeat invitations to inspire and empower word loving kin through the many workshops, courses, masterclasses and retreats she delivers at writers’ centers, schools, organisations, private groups, and literature festivals.


Friday, 17th Nov 9:30am-4pm

Sat 18th 9:30am-4pm

Sun 19th Nov 11:00am-5:00pm


Manuka Cottage Community Centre

70 Harman St, Addington 

Christchurch 8024


Anyone who has the inkling to write

How much:

$490 Early early bird (until Ist Oct)

$560 Early bird (from 2nd - 21st of Oct)

$980 2 x Tix Bring a Friend Special 

$650 General Admission (after 22nd of Oct)

Here's What Past Writing Workshop Participants Have to Say…

‘What an incredible ride! Never have I learnt and understood and been able to apply so much in such a short period of time. Melaina is an engaging, exciting facilitator deftly alternating between leading and encouraging, showing and enquiring. My bag of tricks, my confidence in my writing has multiplied so much in just 3 days. Wow (again!) Thoroughly recommend you stop procrastinating, or deliberating – just do it, you won’t be sorry.’ Bron

‘Melaina is very energising and engaging. I currently feel excited and ready to finish my book and would recommend this course especially for anyone wanting to get started! Or be inspired!’ Steph

‘Amazing momentum, ability to articulate knowledge well, oozing talent and creative ability.’ Jenny

 'Melaina's Unlock Your Creativity workshop was one of the most inspiring workshops I have attended in 40 years of attending workshops.' Lynn

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up for Melaina's writing course but I decided to do it because I wanted to explore creative writing more and I'm really glad I did. Melaina was incredibly inspiring and took us through many different ways to access the creative part of us. I'm now looking forward to writing more on my own. I'd recommend this to anyone who has ever considered trying to write or for someone who wants to get back to writing - it's a wonderful way in.' Nick

‘Wow! I have never received such glowing reports for a course before.’ Jacqui (Organiser)

‘I appreciated Melaina’s willingness to make time for individuals to have time with her. Melaina as a facilitator / teacher is  A+ Character A+ and I would recommend this course to others because it touches on so many different phases of writing and is always entertaining and encouraging.’ Ellen

'I was buzzing after we did that amazing activity. I found myself writing before I went to work this morning which I never normally do. I am absolutely loving your course.’ Melissa

‘It helped me create stories and plots completely left of field of anything I’ve ever thought. You brought up many concepts of storytelling that has only occurred in my subconscious.’ Thomas

'Melaina…my soul is still singing after participating in your course. I admit to being anxious prior to meeting you; I was uncertain of what would be expected of me and I felt vulnerable. This feeling dissolved quickly thanks to your reassurance, encouragement and humour. You generously imparted to us skills that you had learned over your 20 year career as author and teacher of your craft. By the end of Day 1, I couldn’t wait for the following day. Even though I don’t aspire to being a published author, I gained confidence in both written and verbal communication. I learned it’s not all about the writing; effective connection with others is often the telling of our stories. And you are a STORY TELLER EXTRAORDINAIRE! Thank you so much for coming to our island and lavishly sharing yourself with us.' Dian

‘Brilliant, sparkling, enthusiastic and generous. The course caters for a diverse range of people and is inspiring and liberating.’  Erica

‘Your course is ten times better than the creative writing unit I did at university while studying for my Bachelor of Arts in Communications. The course there was boring, and we were made to feel as if we weren’t good enough, but you give everything of yourself, you pour it out, making sure that everyone really gets it and that we can all write.’ Natalie.

'Coming to your course inspired me to write again. I'm actually sitting in my office editing the first chapter of my memoir, which I have been writing for about fifteen years.’ Michelle

Thank you for your wonderful creative writing course, Melaina. I felt enriched and inspired and learned some things about myself that I didn’t know before! As a teacher you are so entertaining, creative, affirming, and non-confrontational. You made what was for me a slightly daunting prospect, an effortless and surprisingly fun process. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to access their creativity.’ Sue

‘Melaina is the ‘real deal!’ Her energy creates a presence which is infectious and the flow of content took me on a journey. The program flowed to meet the diverse expectations of the audience. Though provoking; entertaining inclusive, authentic.’ Pam

‘I’ve often had difficulty with “writer’s block” but now feel more confident that I can overcome this with the techniques learned. I also feel much more confident that I will be able to better ‘craft’ these ideas with what was learned in the editing workshop. Thankyou!’ Paizli

‘Inspiring and very helpful. Makes me want to jump straight into writing a piece, using what I’ve been told. I will definitely retain and apply this information.’ Daniella

“I would highly recommend Melaina’s creative writing course. Her significant writing and teaching experience was clear in how she was able to craft the sessions to take into account the group composition and be responsive to the group’s requests for particular elements of the creative writing process. I loved it and look forward to doing more of Melaina’s courses in the future.’ Sheree

‘Melaina runs an excellent course, very inspirational and supportive and energetic. This workshop is definitely something that I would love to do again. Thank you so much!!!’ Ally

‘Great! Great! Great! Gigantically Great! Seeds have been planted within me are growing already.’ Wayne

'Melaina as a facilitator is very engaging! Very knowledgeable’. Explains concepts clearly. Real! Down to earth. Helpful, generous, in the moment. Gold star!’ Tracy

‘Melaina’s course opened up my mind with different strategies that allowed an outpouring of pent up creativity.’ Jacqueline.

'I appreciate your very professional and easy going manner. Your experience and knowledge in writing and editing skills were shared in a generous and lively way. Not only did we all feel enjoyment in getting to know you but we came to relax and connect with each other in a way that will lead to future meetings. It was such a blessing to be involved with like minded people who had a range of writing skills and interests. Your warm hearted and open approach gave us a solid and confident basis on which to build our own skills.  Each of the tasks you set for us was rewarding in its outcome and the choice to share our own efforts was kindly given for each of us to make. There was no sense of pressure or living up to the standards of some of the more experienced writers in the group. Thank you, Melaina for a wonderfully enriching, enjoyable and educational weekend - you have set me on the path of writing... I am very grateful to you for what you have taught me and look forward to another workshop next year.' Mary

‘I enjoyed thinking differently about my writing process. I think I surprised myself actually! It was fun just writing – I didn’t feel any pressure to come up with something technically perfect. Thank You.’ Grace

‘I was feeling overwhelmed with where to start, how etc. but have found clarity. The course was very informative and awakening and I have really enjoyed everything about the writing retreat-  it has been such a fantastic experience. Your stories and teaching opened my mind and I feel I will be able to find my start now. Thank you.’ Ally

‘I enjoyed the time taken to understand my writing needs. I learned how to prioritise my work and what will stay with me is the confidence. Melaina was most engaging and down to earth and the whole writing retreat was perfect. I would recommend this course to all my friends and family interested in any form of writing.’ Carol

‘How I currently feel about my book is pumped and I have a good understanding of next steps for me… Great for rediscovering your spark for writing.’ Rachel

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