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Ayurveda Workshop with Janesh Vaidya

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We are excited to be hosting Janesh Vaidya, here on the Sunshine Coast for an immersive 3 hour workshop on the wisdom of Ayurveda.

The workshop Ayurveda & Yoga In Your Daily Life is a life-changing event. By investing your time listening to this ancient Indian wisdom and the traditional health secrets, you will understand your inner personality and the potential of your hidden powers, which you can use to develop your personal and professional life. You will also understand other people and their behaviour.

With the right understanding of Ayurveda and Yoga we gain the knowledge about how we can prevent disease and eliminate the root of its occurrence through simple changes in our everyday life. During the workshop, Janesh Vaidya and Malin Barrling will give you the natural tools that you can use in your daily life to improve your health and wellness.

If we listen carefully to the signals from our body and mind, we can understand which elements are out of balance in our system. For example, if we do not eat the right food for our body type, based on the imbalances in various elements in our body our digestive system shows signals, such as poor digestion (earth/water imbalance), acid reflux (fire imbalance) or bloating due to gas (air imbalance). Or if we have an imbalance in the elements of our mental body, then it manifests as depression or fatigue syndrom (earth/water imbalance), high stress or uncontrolled anger (fire imbalance) or anxiety or unreasonable fear (air imbalance).

If we do not listen to the signals in time and don’t take care of our health with the help of the Ayurvedic natural health advice, it can lead to symptoms and later on to diseases.

In this workshop, the participants get tools to understand their body and mind on a deeper level using the Indian medical knowledge of Ayurveda. In addition, they will gain insight into how they can practice yoga according to their current state of body and mind.
Anyone can participate, regardless of previous experience with yoga.

About the tradition of Ayurveda and Vaidya’s in South India

Ayurveda has been practiced in India for more than 5000 years and was the mainstream medical system until the immigration of allopathy and homeopathy to the country during the British colonial times.
In ancient India ayurveda was studied and practiced by a group of families known as Vaidyas, and the wisdom passed from one generation to the other, from the eldest Vaidya to the youngest. Those days, every village in India had a Vaidya family who took care the health of the people of all classes in the society. Though Vaidyas are considered as the godfathers of Ayurveda, with the wind of modernisation on the earth many rituals of this most ancient tradition has blown away like the traditions of  the Aboriginal people in Australia and the Maori in New Zealand.

About Janesh Vaidya
Janesh Vaidya is an internationally known Ayurveda practitioner and ambassador, lecturer and the author of best selling health books in Europe. Website: 

Born in a traditional family in South India Janesh Vaidya started his education in ayurveda in the early years of his life with his grandmother, a well respected ayurveda practitioner in the village, and extended his knowledge in the subject of Mana-shastra (psychology), Vedanta (philosophy), Dhyana (meditation), Kalari marma chikitsa (Kerala martial art therapy) and Yoga chikitsa (yoga therapy) from the traditional village schools in South India known as gurukulam.
For more than two decades he has been traveling in Europe and United States sharing his knowledge in the field of ayurveda through lectures, columns and books, based on his traditional knowledge in the subject and the experience in working as a practitioner of ayurveda around the world. During the years Vaidya has done hundreds or inspirational lectures and so far he has written seven books in the field of health, which has been translated and published in United States, India, Brasil, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Holland. This is the very first time Janesh Vaidya is traveling to Australia and New Zealand with his ancestors’ wisdom and with a mission to spread the traditional Ayurveda in this part of the world. 
Janesh Vaidya is also the founder and Managing Director of the ayurveda retreat Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village in Kerala, south India. For more info about the retreat: 

About Malin Barrling
Joining with this tour in Australia and New Zealand to take the practical sessions in this workshop is the co-author of the best sold book - Yoga is my therapy - Malin Barrling. Malin is a yoga therapist with 20 years of experience in designing individual yoga therapy programs according to Ayurveda. She is one of the main teachers at the AYTT (Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Training) in India.

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