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Eldership and Integrity Workshop

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Integrity and Eldership

“To be in integrity is to be ONE thing, WHOLE and undivided” 
- Martha Beck from the book ‘The Way of Integrity’

The path to Eldership is the path to ‘Wholeness’. It’s the journey to ‘Integrity’. 

However, the word ‘integrity’ in our culture seems to have taken on an increasingly ‘moral and self righteousness’ tone, so we need to look back to its true meaning.

Etymology of the word: Integrity

c. 1400 integrite

“Innocence, Blamelessness, Chastity, Purity”

From Old French integrite and directly from Latin integritatem (nominative integritas)…

“Soundness, Wholeness, Completeness”, 


“Purity, Correctness, Blamelessness” 

From integer…


The Journey Back To Wholeness  

Our deep need to belong often forces us to adapt to the multiple relationship systems that we encounter from our birth. As a child, the need to belong and find our place with our parents and family system, is essential for our survival

These explicit and mostly ‘hidden’ rules of belonging influence our behaviour and our sense of who we are, our identity. 

Those parts of ourselves that potentially conflict with these rules of belonging are then (internally) split away, often at an unconscious level, which means we sacrifice our ‘integrity’ or wholeness. 

The Purpose of This One Day Workshop 

The purpose of this workshop is to explore those parts of ourselves that we may need to RE-member in order to step into our Eldership potential and into Wholeness. 

The Objectives: By the end of this experiential workshop you will have:

  • Started to build your unique container for your integrity  
  • Explored what parts of yourself you may have left behind
  • Identified what you may need to sacrifice in order to step into your eldership potential 
  • Identified what kind of resources you may need to support you 

The Structure of the Day:

  •   Welcome
  •   Building the container for the day
  • Hopes and fears
  • Grounding and becoming present
  • Ground rules and confidentiality
  •   Brief overview of Integrity 
  •   An introduction to the constellation process
  •   Constellation experiential exercises for enquiry

We need a structure for the day to give the workshop direction and purpose, however, we will be open to what may emerge and where it takes us, as this is the nature of the constellation process.  

The most important aspect of the workshop process is the safety of the container and the individuals within it. Please be assured that no-one is required to do anything or go anywhere that doesn’t feel safe for them to explore. 

The aim is for the workshop to feel playful and interesting, therefore if you are aware that you may be triggered by either the subject matter or the process, please contact me beforehand and we can explore together if it’s right for you to attend.

If, during the workshop you feel you need extra support, please let me know during the day. 

The Venue: 

Didsbury House Hotel

Didsbury Village


M20 5LJ

Tel: 0161 448 2200


For those who wish to stay over there are beautiful rooms available. Please let them know that you are attending the workshop.

The Investment:

“Learning how to do business from the heart, in a truly spirit-centered way, 
is part of what can support us in creating the world differently” - Mark Silver

There are only 18 places available. Booking and payment secures your place. 

The cost of the workshop (which covers all my costs, including the venue and the food) is: £250.00 plus vat

However, I want to ensure that cost isn’t a reason that someone who feels they need to attend isn’t able to. So if this is you, for any reason, then here are some options for ‘Paying by Heart’:

  • £300.00 will cover all my costs and go towards supporting those who are unable to contribute the full cost
  • £210.00 will cover the cost of the day and the venue and food
  • £72.00 will cover the cost of the venue and the food

If you really don’t have the funds, please give me a call and we can discuss other options.

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