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    Forest Bathing Walk & Celebration of Beltane

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    At Beltane, the earth doesn't just bubble—it vibrates with a deep, resonant hum, echoing the very pulse of Mother Earth herself. This is different from the delicate bubbling of Ostara- this is a vibrant energy that paints the land in vivid strokes of emerald green. The skies are clear and bright blue, while trees burst into a riot of blossoms. It's time for the dance of life, a time when we awaken and feel truly alive once again. At Beltane, we lose our dark, winter faces. Radiant and beautiful, we blossom like the flowers around us.

    Beltane is the last of three fertility festivals of the Wheel of the Year. At Imbolc, it was the land’s fertility; at Ostara, the animals joined in the growing fertility. Beltane is the time of human fertility—the season of love and sensuality. Awakening your sensuality is about getting into your body, and awakening your inner fire. Why is it important to do this? The answer is simple. Stress. When we live our lives under chronic stress, we are not able to fully experience the simple pleasure in every moment.

    As nature gears up for summer's bounty, with themes of fertility and rebirth taking center stage in the traditional Beltane festivities. It’s a time to listen closely to the whispers of our soul, ignite our creative spark, and set intentions to bring our aspirations, hopes, and dreams into reality.

    Embracing the Earth’s wild, spirited energy during peak spring and Beltane can reignite our passions, metaphorically lighting a fire in our core, inspiring us to embrace life fully. The vitality of the Earth at this juncture can invigorate and even heal us.

    This Beltane, join us to connect with Physis, the life force energy as we celebrate the essence of life.

    What You Can Expect

    • Space to Share & Be Supported - We will begin in a Circle with an opening nature-based meditation, a discussion on Beltane, and engage in small acts of care together as a group.
    • Creating a Cloutie - We will explore the tradition of creating personal clouties, intended as gestures of acknowledgment and respect towards the land's spirits, and as requests for blessings or specific assistance. We will create individual clouties to be tied near a sacred spring as we start our walk.

      • This tradition, prevalent among the Celtic peoples, involves tying pieces of cloth or ribbons to sacred trees near wells or springs, known for their healing properties. These pieces of cloth, known as clouties (or cloughties in England, clooties in Scotland, and clotties in Ireland), act as physical embodiments of prayers or wishes, seeking the aid of Nature Spirits and Deities. Traditionally, a cloth piece would be dipped in the healing water and then tied to a tree branch, where it would rot away, symbolizing the dispersion of the ailment through the well's magic.
    • Guided Forest-Bathing Experience - Engage in a transformative journey with our forest bathing walk, designed to deepen our connection to the natural world, ourselves, and each other. Through a series of carefully curated sensory activities, this practice encourages participants to step away from the constant hustle of thought and embrace the wisdom of the heart. Immersing in this experience has profound benefits: it reduces stress hormones, soothes the nervous system, stabilizes heart rate, boosts immune function, fosters creativity, enhances mood, and alleviates anxiety. Discover the abundant gifts this practice has to offer and rejuvenate your spirit amidst nature's embrace.

      • Each participant will receive a small bag of personal invitations and prompts during our walk.
    • Beltane Fire Ceremony- We will conclude our gathering around the bonfire with a communal potluck brunch, harking back to the cherished tradition where each person contributes a dish or food item to share. Herbal tea and utensils will be supplied. Kindly contribute by bringing a small dish to share with the group.


    • This offering is open to 12 women
    • The address will be emailed to registrants the week of the event
    • Please, if you feel inclined, bring a small dish to share for our potluck brunch as the conclusion of our walk
    • Investment: $40

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