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The Emotional Culture Deck 'Have a Play' Workshop WELLINGTON - presented by Lotty Roberts

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The Emotional Culture Deck - 'Have a play' Workshop 

For Leaders who care about humanising the workplace. This half-day event is a must-have addition to your leadership development portfolio. Implement what you learn straight away, literally 'out of the box'. Come and have a play!

In this highly interactive and hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to use the Emotional Culture Deck in four key areas we believe are a essential to successful leadership: 


You will be posed a bunch of 'beautiful questions' to explore around these 3 areas and use the ECD as tool to navigate these questions.

 It’s a ‘sandpit environment’ where you come along, get your hands on the deck and experiment and learn together.

This half day event is a must have addition to your leadership development that you can use straight away and literally 'out of the box'. 

There are only 20 spots availble so get in quick. 

Better workplace culture starts with the F word. Feelings.

Most organisations underestimate the influence emotion has on their culture and leadership. But as a people leader, you know that when engagement and morale improve, so do productivity and employee retention. The Emotional Culture Deck adds a powerful tool to your belt for enabling human conversations and bottom-up culture change.

Increase engagement and morale

The emotional culture of an organisation influences employee satisfaction, wellbeing, burnout, teamwork, and even hard measures such as financial performance and absenteeism. But organisations (and leaders) often don’t talk about emotion. Many lack confidence in their ‘soft skills’.

Have the right tools on hand to help your organisation thrive

The Emotional Culture deck helps you flip that conversation. It’s a simple card game toolkit that helps leaders uncover what truly motivates their people, and map desired team culture. As empathy, connections, and trust develop, results go up - and your people advice proves its value yet again.

Drive human conversations about what really matters in the workplace

In this workshop come play with the ECD and learn how to use the Emotional Culture Deck to drive human conversations about what really matters in the workplace.

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What the ‘ECD Have a Play’ workshop is:

  • An introduction for leaders to 'The Emotional Culture Deck' 
  • Practical, hands-on and interactive learning that will allow you to understand how you can level up your leadership by embracing the insight of emotions
  • A lesson in the four simple ways to use the game as a leader to get you started straight away 
  • The quickest path to gain the confidence to go and play the game with your team, stakeholders and customers
  • A great compliment to the ECD Masterclass and learning pathway 

What the ‘ECD Have a Play’ Workshop is not:

  • Not a pathway to certification or accreditation in The Emotional Culture Deck
  • Not teaching you how to use the game as part of culture change
  • Not a lecture on the theory of the concept of emotional culture
  • Not a presentation of case studies (although ECD Certified Consultants are encouraged to share anecdotes and stories throughout the workshop about how they use the ECD and the activities being taught in the workshop).

ECD Have a Play Workshop Presented by...

Lotty Roberts, Founder of MiND.U, Master Elephant Rider and Certified ECD consultant .

Since completing the ECD Masterclass Course in 2019, Lotty Roberts has facilitated nearly a 100 Emotional Culture Deck client workshops, regular 1:2:1's and helped teams of all sizes, in a variety of industries create more healthy and high performing cultures. Lotty is also a regular on the speaking circuit delivering talks and presentations on the power of emotions and emotional leadership, 

Lotty's speciality and passion is all about helping leaders, teams and cultures to thrive, flourish and flow in a fast paced world, through the power of mindfulness and embracing emotions. Lotty is the founder of her business, ‘MiND.U’, where she is devoted to helping companies and individuals build the capability, resilience and 'know how' to mindfully flourish, lead and navigate themselves in an ever changing, complex and dynamic environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between this 'ECD Have a Play Workshop' and The ECD Online Masterclass Course?    

  • During this workshop, you will learn the four practical ways to use the ECD game as a leader: with your teams, with your people leaders, to navigate change and for your stakeholder relationships. You will be equipped to go out straight away in these specific areas and start using The Emotional Culture Deck and the activities you learn. 
  • For a deeper and wider understanding of The ECD game and how to use it effectively for culture change, you need to complete The ECD Online Masterclass. The Masterclass teaches you how to run full-team ECD workshops for culture change using the concept of emotional culture. The ECD Have a Play Workshop is in person, and the ECD Online Masterclass Course is a self-paced online learning experience. 
  • The ECD Have and Play workshops, and ECD Online masterclass are designed to complement each other beautifully. 
  • If you have done the Masterclass this is a great addition. Likewise, if you have done the ECD Have a Play Workshop then the ECD Online Masterclass is the natural next step if you want to go deeper and learn even more.
  • There is a final difference - Jeremy Dean, founder of riders&elephants and creator of The ECD. Jeremy teaches the ECD Online Masterclass. And the facilitator of the ECD Have a Play Workshop is an ECD Certified Consultant Partner of The ECD.

Who hosts ECD Have a Play Workshops?

  • ECD Have a Play Workshops are hosted and facilitated by independent ECD Certified Consultant Partners. These partners are the only ones licensed to conduct ECD Have a Play Workshops. 
  • The ECD Have a Play Workshop was designed by riders&elephants (they created the Emotional Culture Deck). Plus R&E has trained all ECD Certified Consultant Partners in the art of ECD conversations. This means you learn from an experienced ECD Consultant and change maker.

I’m not a leader in an organisation, although I work with many, can I still attend?

  • This workshop is for anyone who leads others or works with leaders in some capacity in their work. You might lead a team of people inside an organisation. Or you might be a coach or consultant who works in leadership and organisational development and helps develop leaders in your work. If you lead people. This workshop is for you!

How long is the ECD Have a Play Workshop?

  • The workshop is 4 hours long. Come ready to play and be an active participant. This is not the type of event where you sit back and listen as someone lectures you about a topic.

Can I attend the Have a Play Workshop if I have already completed The ECD Online Masterclass?

  • Yes, it is possible to attend this workshop if you've already completed the ECD Online Masterclass. It will allow you to continue to practice with others who are also learning the art of emotional culture conversations (if you have not had the opportunity already) and also give extra skills, ideas and tips on how to use the deck in ways that you don't learn in the ECD Masterclass.

Should I do both the Have a Play Workshop and The Masterclass?    

  • We think so. But the choice is yours. It depends on how committed you are to continue your learning journey and practice the art of emotional culture conversations. But we believe attending the ECD Have a Play Workshop will make you an even more effective ECD Practitioner and leader.

    Do you run virtual ECD Have a Play Workshops?

    • No. These are live, in-person events only.

    Do I gain a certificate or become accredited by completing this ECD Have a Play Workshop?

    • No. Obtaining the ECD Certified Practitioner certification is done through completing the ECD Online Masterclass only. 

    Do you show us how the ECD can be used with families in this workshop?

    • Not specifically during this workshop however there will be a segment dedicated to questions so you could pose this as a question to the facilitator to offer some examples of how the game can be used with your families so that you can take the game home and have more human and empathetic conversations with your family too.

    Do I get a physical Emotional Culture Deck as part of this Workshop?

    • Oh yeah. As part of your ticket, you'll get two Emotional Culture Decks (value 235 NZD / 149 USD). 

    What’s the cost difference between the ECD Have a Play Workshop and The ECD Online Masterclass Course?

    • The ECD Have a Play Workshop is $399 NZD and the ECD Online Masterclass is 615 NZD - plus any online ticketing fees that may apply. This is subject to change in the future. 
		Emotional Culture Deck Have a Play Workshop – Presented by Lotty Roberts image


    Date and time

    Monday 21st November

    9:00 AM – 1:00 PM NZST


    Willeston Conference Centre

    Level 11 Willeston Street

    Call Active House

    Wellington 6011

    New Zealand 

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